The most ancient and rich in traditions restaurant of Verona.
Refined, elegant, welcoming.
It is the right place to have a dinner with your friends, your colleagues or your partner...

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One not only appreciate wine with the palate: you discover it with the eyes, you approaches it by the sense of smell, and finally you taste it. From the interaction of the senses you could understand the soul of a wine: at the Restaurant Le Arche you will find sommelier who will make you discover the rich winery.
Between prestigious labels and proposals for connoisseurs, the offer includes bottles from all regions of Italy, like Valpolicella, Amarone and Verdicchio, and the best wines from abroad: you will have the chance to taste French, Californian and Portuguese wines, and much more.

Ristorante Arche S.A.S. di Gioco Silvia e C
Via Arche Scaligere, 6 - 37121 Verona Italia
P. IVA / C.F 04400460236