The most ancient and rich in traditions restaurant of Verona.
Refined, elegant, welcoming.
It is the right place to have a dinner with your friends, your colleagues or your partner...

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Golden book

The restaurant is more than a hundred but it does not look. The famous actor, the writer or the successful artist have no difficulty to leave their signature. It is a way to advertise the restaurant and the famous people welcomed here. To testify this sign of a human presence, here there are some well known signatures: important men and women of the present or of the past.

Some important people stayed at "alle Arche" during a lucky period of their career and left their signature or a little design which reveal their personal and unrepeatable life, their character.
These signatures, as well, deserve to be remembered.

Ristorante Arche S.A.S. di Gioco Silvia e C
Via Arche Scaligere, 6 - 37121 Verona Italia
P. IVA / C.F 04400460236