The most ancient and rich in traditions restaurant of Verona.
Refined, elegant, welcoming.
It is the right place to have a dinner with your friends, your colleagues or your partner...

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The history

To be a guest of Giancarlo Gioco's restaurant means to be a guest of History. The restaurant is near at one of the most romantic places: Juliet's Balcony and Romeo's House is just next to it. This place, that is the favourite one of the gourmets, is full of history, it, itself, represents history.
Some examples: on the wall there is a parchment, framed and protected by glass, which dates back long time. It is signed by a good hand and the date is precisely: 8th October 1879. That day, Giancarlo's great-grandfather, Giuseppe Gioco, signed a contract with a council firm for gas connection to his "trattoria". But it had been since 1420, even if managed by another person.

At the beginning it was a inn, then it gave hospitality to travellers and their horses.
To complete this suggestive image, Verona lacks the sea. But Giancarlo thought about and he brought a bit of the Adriatic Sea to his restaurant "Arche": a variety of excellent and fresh fish that smells of love and salt.

Ristorante Arche S.A.S. di Gioco Silvia e C
Via Arche Scaligere, 6 - 37121 Verona Italia
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